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Ski boot fittingOur team of expert boot fitters spend hours testing & examining each model of boot we stock. We promise to provide you with a comfy boot that gets the most out of your winter holiday – we’re so confident in our expertise, we’ll even guarantee your comfort!

Here’s what to expect when having your boots fitted here at The Boot Lab – Snowtrax…

• Discussion – Tell us about your skiing ability, what type of runs you like to ski on, how fast & aggressively you ski. Talk to us about previous boots you’ve owned or rented. Highlight if you’ve had any problems in the past

• Foot Analysis – We’ll measure your feet & assess their shape. This is just a guide & is nothing to do with your usual UK shoe size.

• Socks – Often forgotten, a technical ski sock will make a massive difference to the fit of your boots. Our fitters will discuss what type of sock you are using.

• Boot Selection – We’ll select a few models of boot that suit your foot shape & ability.

• Shell Check – This is a simple guide to give us an idea of how snug the boot is going to fit. By removing the inner liner we can check how your foot fits the shell of the boot. This is very important to ensure you are in the correct sized boot.

• Trying On – Before putting the boots on there’s 2 things to be aware of. Firstly your toe will initially touch the end of the boot, it may even feel crunched up at the end, this is normal. As soon as the boot is on & flex forward into a ski position this will change dramatically as your foot pulls back into the heel cup. Secondly, the boot should feel snug. Ski boot liners bed in over the first few days of skiing; the liners pad down so it’s important the boot feels snug initially, they will loosen up with use.

• Insole – After narrowing down your selection of boots we’ll discuss various options of supportive insole. This is essential for nearly all types of foot to ensure comfort is guaranteed. We offer a range of choices depending on your foot type, either pre shaped or fully customised to your feet.

• Customisation – We’ll heat up your boots & customise them to your feet. This is the ultimate in ski boot fitting & ensures a precise, comfy fit.

Book a ski boot fit


We now offer a limited number of appointments all bookable online:
Book a Boot Fit Here

By making a booking you guarantee one of our expert boot technicians will be available to help you find your perfect pair of ski boots. But don’t worry if there is no appointment on the day you require. We only offer a small number of slots as bookable, the majority of our appointments on a walk in basis. We should be able to accommodate you; however during busy periods there may be a short wait.


• Our staff are fully trained & offer excellent advice.
• We have one of the largest collections of ski boots in Europe.
• No Risk – Try your boots at home & if your feet are not happy we’ll offer you a free exchange or full refund within 30 days.
• Free custom fitting & heat moulding.
• Even after use the boots are still covered by our fitting Guarantee.


• Free refit anytime, for the life of the boot.
• Free customisation, stretching, grinding & other modifications, for the life of the boot.
• If unused & un modified, you can return your boots up to 30 days from date of purchase for a free exchange or full refund.
• If your feet are unhappy after use, we offer an exchange within 6 months from date of purchase – A rental fee will be applied*
• A well fitted technical ski sock & supportive insole must be used with the boot for the guarantee to apply. We strongly recommend these are purchased with the boots for the best comfort & performance.
• Proof of purchase is required; please keep your receipt safe.

*Rental fee will be approximately 20%-30% of RRP of the boot depending on use.