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Never tried skiing or snowboarding and want to know why it might be the hobby for you? Here’s what you have been missing out on, all this time.


If you’re expecting another argument for and against either skiing or snowboarding, you won’t find one here. That argument will rage on for decades to come I’m sure – we’re here to talk about skiing and snowboarding as a collective experience.

Maybe you have friends that go skiing every year? Or perhaps you’ve caught one of the epic freestyle competitions that take place during the Winter Olympics? Either way, it’s likely that you’ve flirted with the idea of cruising the blissfully soft and fluffy snow, whilst being bathed in the fresh alpine sunshine – what’s not to like about that? It’s probably just as likely that your rose tinted dreams of blasting down a complex ski slope, halted as abruptly as they began, with the realisation that ‘you can’t ski’ and that even thinking about starting a hobby where ‘all the gear’s probably really expensive!’ is just silly. We’ll talk about the cost in a moment but perhaps you’re right about your current skiing ability level, you can’t ski…. yet! Don’t forget you probably weren’t always able to tie your shoe laces or ride a bike or write your name but you overcame these obstacles pretty easily? Learning to ski and snowboard is just another obstacle! Once you have unlocked this skill – it will transform your holiday habits and possibly even your life.

I’m going to come right out and say it, learning to ski and snowboard is not as easy for some people, as for others. Just like picking up the various skills needed to drive a car, can be more difficult for some people, than for others. This in my opinion, is not a good enough reason on its own, for you to be put off what is considered all over the world, to be some of the most enriching, dream-like fun you may ever experience!


Val Thorens Groomed piste

Image Courtesy of Val Thorens


To put it simply, Skiing and Snowboarding is fantastic in so many ways! Possibly the biggest reason for me though – is the freedom. There aren’t many sports/hobbies where you can experience exhilarating speed, genuinely breathtaking scenery and absolute serenity, all at precisely the same time. Yes, it’s cold, sometimes exceedingly cold with temperatures reaching the wrong side of -5 but all this is genuinely insignificant if you’re wearing the right gear. Skiing and Snowboarding, at least from a ‘tourist’/holiday makers perspective, is not really about ‘enduring’ unmanageable conditions. Leave that to the arctic explorers and the daredevil freeride pioneers that venture deep into unknown mountainous territory. No, average joe’s version of the Alps is far more easy-going. Think more along the lines of rustic mountain restaurants offering you hot, mouth-watering food, accompanied by a deliciously rich hot chocolate, all being served within a picturesque alpine vista that is basically your very own outdoor playground – more about indulgence and excitement than ‘survival’.


Isn’t it expensive?

So all the above sounds great and you’re well and truly salivating over the thought that your skiing dreams are all but realised – but you heard that skiing and snowboarding is just for the middle classes with disposable income? It really couldn’t be further from the truth.

The 80’s were a long time ago. Gone are the days of extortionate flights, accompanied by even more extortionate ski equipment and clothing prices! At Snowtrax – we pride ourselves on helping to get everyone on the slopes, whatever their budget. Yes there is always something more luxurious that can be purchased but if it’s your first time, we’ll focus on the basics like decent base layers (these are the skin touching, ‘thermal’ layers that work directly with your other layers to help you to stay warm and breathable in both the biting cold and the relatively warmer, sunny moments) and sensibly priced Skis, Snowboards and jackets!

So go on – experience it for yourselves. It’s time to find out what you’ve been missing on all this time! The only question you really need to ask yourself is whether you’re going to Ski OR Snowboard.


Image courtesy of Salomon Group

Image courtesy of Salomon Group