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Here at The Boot Lab, Snowtrax – we get asked a lot of similar questions when it comes to ski boot fitting. Questions like “What are the best ski boots?”, “Do you have this in a UK 9?” and “My friend said Salomon are the best – so can i just try those on?” are all very much common place in our day to day ski boot fitting lives. We’re not complaining either! We’ve come to learn, over our 20+ years of fitting the latest ski boots and snowboard boots, that questions are good and people ultimately just want the best boots for their feet and skiing ability – so let’s answer a few of these questions now.


What are the best ski boots?

It goes without saying that this question conjures up incredibly objective and ‘opinionated’ responses if you were to ask any skier on the mountain. In store, here at The Boot Lab, our staff are far less opinionated for one very simple reason… Every boot we stock, is the best boot for someone.

With a boot fitting analogy straight out of a Cinderella fairytale, a ski boot often chooses it’s owner to a certain degree, rather than the other way around. Our job is to help you find the boot that ticks the most boxes for you in terms of ability, experience, body shape and physical strength, as well as of course making sure it is the best fit. It’s for these reasons that copying what boot your mate has – is quite possibly the worst thing you can do!


Do you have this in a UK 9?

Ski boots aren’t measured in a traditional UK shoe size. They are instead measured in cm in a size range called ‘Mondo Point’. Mondo point size is the physical length of a foot in centimetres. Ski boot manufacturers like Salomon, Atomic, Dalbello or Head, then play with this length a little when they add the thickness of the inner boot liner, as well as what toe box shape the particular boot has. It’s additional aspects like this, which make for the differences in boot sizes between some manufacturers. With some adding loads of room to the toes, others adding less.
You will see MANY mondopoint to UK shoe size conversion charts on the internet stating that a Mondo 28.5 is basically a UK 9.5 – sadly it really isn’t anything like as simple as that, this is why you should book a ski boot fitting.

At The Boot Lab, we take into account so many different variables other than just your foot length (ability, experience, body shape and physical strength being a few), so it isn’t possible to simply pick a pair of ski boots off the shelf, or order them online, without first being treated to a proper professional ski boot fit!


My friend said Salomon boots are the best – so can I just try those on?

Similarly to the above points raised about each manufacturer having a different ethos and fitting spectrum – clearly one brands boots can’t fit EVERYONE perfectly. Many ski boot brands, like Salomon, have drastically improved the scope for their boot models to be fully customised by professionals in a boot fitting store. Fully heat moldable liners are now completely common place – with custom heat moldable shells fast becoming the norm now as well! This means that ski boot brands are able to accommodate even more foot shapes into their boot models, thus increasing sales (great for the brands) but it also means that we at The Boot Lab, are able to completely customise a ski boot to fit you, faster (great for our customers)!


As some of you will know – nothing compares to having perfectly fitting ski boots that match your physical and technical ability. So why not come in store here at Snowtrax and visit The Boot Lab and get yourself boots that really fit!


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