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Nordica claim that the Enforcer 93 is ‘one of the greatest all-mountain skis ever built.’ It’s a pretty bold claim, even with a host of awards to back it up, but skis must be sold and it is true that everyone was raving about it at last winter’s sneak-peak ski test. So how does the slimmer, 93mm-wide version, Enforcer 93 compare? Well for starters, it’s bagged more awards than its slightly fatter counterpart, meaning losing that extra 7mm was a step in the right direction – 93mm underfoot is nothing to be sniffed at, and gives the ski a bit more nimbleness without compromising on floatiness.

Built with exactly the same construction and shape as the original, the Enforcer 93 has all the characteristics that the Enforcer is renowned for: stiff, snappy dampness, powerful edging prowess and a meaty construction that blasts smoothly through anything from early morning freshies to late afternoon chop. It may well be because Nordica like to use ALL the materials; while a lot of companies nowadays are moving over to lighter carbon-fibre reinforcements, Nordica have gone for tip to tail titanal inserts AND carbon-fibre. Combine this with full ABS sidewalls and it’s easy to see how it’s such a smooth and powerful ski. The 7mm waist shrinkage might not make all the difference in the world, but if you like to spend most of your time charging the hardpack, this is a definite weapon of choice.

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