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The Salomon X-Max X12 is an advanced carving ski, new for 2017, and is the most advanced, aggressive model in the X-Max range. If you live for going faster than everyone else on the pistes and humbling your friends and family with your uncanny pace, you will love it.

As an aggressive, charging but also relatively lightweight ski, the X-Max X12 is practically overflowing with features and technologies to cram it into that category. A full wood core with both carbon fibre and titanium reinforcements provides snappy, rigid power and stiffness without being too heavy, while ‘Oversized’ full ABS sidewall construction gives you the ultimate grip on hardpack, even when you’re pushing the limits, speed-wise.

Salomon’s Carve Rocker, a barely-there early early rise in the tip, reduces the length of the ski that comes in contact with the snow, but still provides grip when you’re hanging on your edges. This means you can make precision, split second edge transfers and navigate the groomers at high speeds with ease. Koroyd reinforcements in the tip mean it won’t flop around and chatter at high speeds either – that stiffness goes all the way through.

There are a lot more features that make the Salomon X-Max 12 so good, but we’ll leave off by reasserting what a fun, stable and nimble carving ski it is – all those technologies really pay off. And considering it comes with bindings, it’s pretty good value, too.


Buy the Salomon X-Max X12 2017 Ski and XT12 Binding here.