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K2 Marksman 2017 | Ski Review

December 21st, 2016



K2 Marksman 2017 Skis

This year, K2 have replaced one of my personal favourites, the Shreditor, with the Marksman; an all-mountain freestyle ski that’s revolutionary in both design and designer. Brought into existence by freeski legend, Pep Fujas, the Marksman’s standout feature is its asymmetrical tip and tail. This means you have a dedicated left and right ski, with the inside edge being longer for better grip in all types of snow, while the outside edge features increased taper for less chance of catching it in the powder – especially when you’re jumping off rocks and spinning off cat-tracks; exactly what Pep Fujas is great at.

I have to admit, this asymmetrical shape takes a bit of getting used to. But once you’ve got it dialled, you have an absolute banger of a ski that operates smoothly and reliably everywhere on the mountain. A fir and aspen core wrapped in a layer of K2’s patented braided fibreglass reinforcements and a versatile 106mm waist make the Marksman lightweight, flexible and springy for maximum playfulness. It’s also got the added bonus of stability and the ultimate edge control in soft snow.

Admittedly, it’s not for everyone, but if you love jumping off stuff, skiing park and making the entirety of the inbounds ski area your playground, the K2 Marksman is the ski for you. Perfect for cloudy days in the trees, sunny powder days and everything in between, it’s the ideal choice for getting air wherever you go.


We haven’t stocked the K2 Marksman for 2018 but we do have the exceptional and in many ways better, Armada ARV 106 2018 or the Faction CT2.0 2018

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